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Life With Bobux



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At Home With Bobux

We thought we’d share what Team Bobux is doing around the world, whilst working from home (as well as keeping the company running, of course). Below are some tips, tricks and reflections of how we’re keeping sane and entertained, and what we’re learning from this experience.


With love, from our family to yours.
Team Bobux x


Andrew + two sons in lockdown

CEO, New Zealand

“Adapting to the demands of working from home, not having the usual social contact and for some of us becoming teachers on top of our day jobs has certainly been a challenge. I will never again wonder what teachers do all day - they have my eternal gratitude for their patience and professionalism! What I have loved about the last four weeks is the increased exercise, the daily family walks and bike rides that are bringing our family closer together - and the focus on family meals. That’s something we had lost over the past few years as work expanded and I plan not to lose again once lockdown ends.”




Kim + two sons in lockdown

Public Relations, UK

“Being in lockdown with my TikTok obsessed 10 year old has had a bit of an odd effect on me. Pre-lockdown it was driving me insane – the incessant dance moves and the ‘can’t get out of your head’ songs that would follow me from room to room. But I’ve decided if you can’t beat them, join them! So now my son and I get to spend some fun time together (rather than just stressful home schooling time). I’ve even roped my dog and husband (reluctantly) into a few of the videos. Follow me @kimswead (it’s not just for kids ).”



Nicola + two teenagers in lockdown

Team Lead Design, New Zealand

“I’m not one to sit idle for long and I got curious about developing some at home pantry-basic leather care solutions. The best one so far is basically salad dressing for leather! Simply use a combination of Olive Oil and Vinegar (approximately 2:1), find a small spray container and you’re good to go. Simply spray and rub in with a clean cloth. Leave to dry for about 10mins and scratches disappear, and the leather has more shine. Don’t use this on suede or nubuck though - and remember to patch test first! I’d love to know how you get on or any other at home ideas!” Get in touch with Nicola via our website .




Angela + three boys in lockdown (including a 6month old!)

Account Coordinator, New Zealand


“Keeping fit and active is super important to me as a working mum of three. I've been doing ‘virtual’ bootcamp not only with our own Bobux HQ sessions, but also with 3 of my sister-in-laws in Ireland! It's been a great way to stay motivated and keep connected. On the relaxing side, with my superhero-loving household (thank goodness for having boys."




Nikki + son and daughter in lockdown

Business Development Manager, Australia


“A few days into the children being home from school, I quickly realised they were going to need more attention and discipline than I had time to designate. I’ve put Google Home in charge of their home schooling. Google Home will let them know when it’s time to start school work, to go on breaks, when it’s lunch time, and to wash their hands. Google Home is a great substitute teacher, and it sure knows more about Year 12 ‘Eighteenth Century Poetry’ than I do! And I'm already strategising that after lockdown, I may redeploy Google Home from being a substitute teacher to substitute mother…”