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What Are the Best Shoes for Young Kids with Flat Feet?

What are the Best Shoes for Young Kids with Flat Feet? 

Every milestone in your child's life is exciting for the whole family. Taking their first steps, joining their first sports team, getting ready for their first day at school – what provides the best support and comfort throughout these monumental occasions? 


A great pair of kids shoes! Finding the right pair of shoes can help any child as they grow and develop. This is particularly true for kids with flat feet. 


But what are flat feet, exactly? And how do shoes make a difference in your child's development? Well, at Bobux, we are here to help. Read on to discover how to find the best shoes for kids with flat feet. 


What Are Flat Feet?

Did you know babies only have 22 bones in their feet, whereas adults have 26? The ‘extra’ four bones will slowly develop as babies’ feet grow to their full length. As such, when children take their first steps, they begin strengthening the muscles and utilising the bones needed for balancing. This is integral to development, impacting everything from posture to tissue development. As their arches have yet to develop, babies and toddlers’ entire soles of their feet hit the ground – also known as having ‘flat feet’.  


Are Flat Feet Common for Babies?

Flat feet are relatively common for babies and toddlers as their bones and joints are flexible and still developing. Most children grow out of flat feet by six years old, but this is not always the case. If the condition persists, treatment is rarely required. 


Finding the right pair of shoes can therefore make a world of difference in supporting a child with flat feet. 


What to Look for When Buying the Best Shoes for Kids with Flat Feet

Now that we know finding the right shoes can impact a child’s development, it is essential to understand what makes quality footwear. Here are some things to look out for when searching for the best shoes for kids with flat feet:


Maintain the Right Fit for Kids’ Shoes

Children grow at an incredible pace, so checking their shoes fit appropriately is so important. After all, how are they supposed to walk comfortably in shoes that are too small or large? A well-fitted shoe should feel like your little one is not wearing any! Leaving the space of an adult thumb will allow for enough comfort and room for growth without falling over their feet. 


The Best Shoes for Kids with Flat Feet Need a Sturdy Sole

Most children will naturally develop an arch as their feet strengthen, but shoes with a thorough heel and ankle support are vital for those with flat feet. This encourages your child's muscles to develop while protecting them from their surroundings. Moreover, a sturdy enclosed heel will provide extra comfort and room for growth.


Prioritise Durability

Like any investment, choosing high-quality shoes to last is one of the best ways to support kids with flat feet. Leather, for example, is one of the most durable and breathable options on the market. Not only will it ensure the best for your child's feet, but choosing one quality pair can be more cost-effective than purchasing half a dozen shoes of poorer quality. 


Flexibility for Kids with Flat Feet

Baby feet are constantly growing. To accommodate this, the shoes you choose for your little one need to be flexible. A shoe which can mould around your child's natural foot movements will help to support them as they take their first steps. The more flexible the design, the less your child will be inhibited as they grow and explore the world around them.


Find the Best Shoes for Kids with Flat Feet at Bobux

Endorsed by pediatricians and loved by families, our range of quality kids’ shoes at Bobux provide exceptional comfort and support to kids with flat feet as they grow. You can guarantee your child the perfect fit with our shoe size guide and quality materials, along with a better understanding of how your little one's feet grow with our detailed stages of development


To learn more about our collections and the best shoes for kids with flat feet, contact our Bobux team or read other informative articles below.


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