The award-winning Hi Dimension is our most advanced trainer yet.

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Our Award Winning Trainer: Hi Dimension

The Bobux design focus has shifted. Creating shoes that nurture foot development is our game, and this season we've taken it one massive step further. Awarded Gold at the Best Design Awards 2017, the Hi Dimension has been recognised as our most advanced trainer to date.

Since the mid-seventies, the Designers Institute of New Zealand has been recognising graphic, spatial, product, interactive and motion design at the annual Best Design Awards. The largest annual showcase of design excellence in Australasia, to be named a finalist in the Awards is a remarkable achievement in itself.

It goes without saying that design is pivotal to who we are as a company. Since the first soft sole Chris Bennett made for his daughter, Chloe, back in 1991 to our now award-winning Hi Dimension trainer, the best shoes in the world for growing feet have been the result of research, experimentation, creativity and a genuine love for creating something that brings a bit of joy into the world.

Our playful approach to design has seen us recognised at the Best Design Awards in previous years. In 2014, our first ever Xplorer shoe won the Bronze Pin. Since its introduction, the Xplorer has become renowned as the best shoe for learning to walk.

In 2015, our intuitive Blaze trainer won the Silver Pin. We took the time to understand our customers and the issues they faced with footwear. We learnt that when kids put their own shoes on, they tend to muddle up their lefts and rights - so we found a way to make sure kids put their shoes on the correct feet every time. Animal graphics on the insides of Blaze trainers encourage kids to put their shoes on themselves: If the Tigers (or zebras, dragons or unicorns) are touching, they’ve nailed it.

More recently, our Aktiv trainers won the Silver Pin in 2016. We partnered with designer Soléne Roure to completely reimagine what a Play shoe is. The result was a unique sole that could withstand even the most rigorous of activities and an aesthetic that pushed fashion boundaries, forging a new path in footwear trends.

The coveted Gold Pin has long been an award that we’ve been itching to get our hands on - and it took our most advanced shoe in 25 years to finally make it ours.

Following rigorous wear testing, we focused on what was really important in a shoe designed for play: Breathability, durability, weight and flex.

We considered the entire anatomy that makes up a shoe and reinvigorated it.

A collaboration of leather, advanced materials and new technology help make the Hi Dimension the best high-performance shoe for active feet.

The Hi Dimension saw the introduction of a new Superfabric toe-cap, delivering extreme abrasion resistance and flexibility.

A high-performance collar makes this style easy to get on and enables a laceless design, reducing weight and drag while doubling down on the ultra modern styling.

The performance-driven sole is highly flexible, super lightweight and durable. It’s made with a custom grip that takes into account how each and every fraction of the sole will be used.

A Twin-Face 100% merino + polyester textile provides durability, flexibility, and breathability, while wicking away moisture and minimising odour.

Joining the ranks of Gold Pin winners is nothing short of an honour. The designers we’ve been recognised alongside of are some of the most talented and respected in the industry, responsible for innovations that inspire brands like us to continue to push the boundaries of design.

We’re extraordinarily grateful to the Designers Institute of New Zealand for recognising our Hi Dimension trainer at this year’s Best Design Awards. We’re a company that is driven by improvement and we’ll be building on the success of the Hi Dimension in our future collections - until next year!