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Life With Bobux

Introducing our Team Lead Design - Nicola



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Introducing our Team Lead Design - Nicola

At Bobux, we treat the child as our customer and we design our shoes so they will love them.  One of the earliest employees at Bobux, Nicola has been with us since the beginning. Not only does she create the designs and shapes that make Bobux shoes the world’s best, she’s a passionate expert in materials. Check out our interview with Nicola below to learn more about the Bobux design story.

Where do you get the inspiration of your designs from?


Children are at the start and the heart of every design. Thinking about what shoes would make them happy and their feet comfortable as they explore, take their first steps, dress up or play. I think about each design as a baby I am giving life to. Each design has its own personality, its own story and purpose. Each design is part of a collection which together tells a story so thinking of the story first inspires each design and colour.


What is your design process?


I ask what problem we are trying to solve first and for what market or season and then I think of the child and ask how would they want the shoe to make them feel -  like a Princess or an Action hero with superpowers? Then I think about the materials or leathers can I develop to help solve this problem. Does it need to be waterproof or easy to clean or Sparkle like jewels?


What do you think is important from a design perspective when you are making shoes for children’s feet?


The most important things are to make sure the shoe is comfortable using quality leather and material, that there it fits with a little wiggle room, that it is adjustable and easy to get on the children’s feet.


How do you find a balance between designing beautiful shoes, and that are also good for children’s development?


Over the past 17 years I have been involved in the research and development of how to make the best shoes for children’s growing feet. This is the platform on which each design is built upon. I then can start to create designs that children will love. As a mother I understand that buying shoes for your children must be not only be great for them but also that they love to wear.


How would you describe your design aesthetic?


Under-estimated elegance.  Quality materials and workmanship are the heroes of my designs.


What is the most exciting part of being a shoe designer?


Seeing children wearing the shoes I design and hearing great stories from parents of how much their children love the shoes. 


How do you decide on colours for each collection?


There are a lot of  colours in our collection that are staple and some are seasonal. I read trend reports and colour forecasting specialists to get a general idea of where colours and trends are heading but mostly rely on intuition. I normally create my own colours to help express how I want the leather and materials which makes the shoe and the collections tell a story.


What is your personal favourite style from the 2020 collection?


My Favourite styles from the 2020 collections are Tahoe Arctic in Toffee, Marvel Xplorer, Grape Gold Belle Boot and Ryder.