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Mother's Day with the Bobux Community


To celebrate Mothers Day, we talked to some of our beloved Bobux community. Aeronwy, Madie and Annaliese about what they have planned and why the day is special to them. We also checked in with their littlies on what makes their mum a mother like no other!

dances with wolves alley oopdances with wolves climbing alley oopdances with wolves play alley oop

Aeronwy, Mum to Zahara   |   @danceswithlonewolves

  1. What’s on the agenda for this Mothers Day?

This year we are having brunch at my Mum's place. We, as a family, recently spent some of the school holidays renovating her house - so it's also her unofficial house warming party. 


  1. What has changed for you on Mother's Day now that you are a mother?

One thing that has changed for me since becoming a Mum is the respect that I have for the title, and all that it encompasses. As a teacher, I thought I had a fair understanding of how hard it is to raise children - but I actually had no idea.


  1. Do you have any traditions for the day? 

We don't have many traditions for Mother's Day - as obviously we are a one Wolf, one Cub pack and no one is there to make me breakfast! Haha!  But I do always make sure I acknowledge what a privilege it is to be a Mum, to honour myself in my unconditional commitment to my daughter and to appreciate the other wāhine around me who choose to step up and fulfil that 'Mum' role for people who would otherwise miss out. 


  1. Zahara, what is your favorite thing about Mum?

My favourite thing about my Mum is that she does fun things with me in the holidays and she is kind and my teacher said you should be kind and my Mum is.


Maddie Richardson Seedling

Madie Richardson, Mum to Brecklin and Weston    |   @madie.karren


  1. Do you have anything planned for Sunday?

I'm planning on spending Mother's Day with my kids, my husband, my own mother and my grandma. Spending the holiday with my kids and with my own maternal figures makes the day feel even more special. I'm not sure what exactly we'll do, but as long as we're together the day will be beautiful! 


  1. Has Mother’s Day changed for you since becoming a mother?

The day definitely has more meaning now! I understand the love and sacrifice that comes with being a mother, and how special it is to have such a title. 


  1. Any cute traditions for the day?


The only tradition we have is to spend the day together as a family! And I require extra hugs and kisses from my kids! 


  1. What do your kids, Brecklin and Weston, reckon the best thing about their mum (you) is?

My two year old didn't really understand the question, but my almost 8 year old says: "My favorite thing about my mom is that she does so much for us and loves us so much"


Annaliese Barnett PlayAnnaliese Barnett Delightannaliese Barnett Picnic


Annaliese Barnett, Mum to Nikau, Maia and Tai    |   @annaliesebarnett


  1. How are you choosing to spend your Mother’s Day this year?

This Mother’s Day I plan on spending the day with my three gorgeous children. My partner will be at work (FIFO). They have been telling me about some gorgeous pictures and cards that they have made for me at school and that they are so excited to give them to me so no doubt I will be spoilt with their beautiful hand made gifts in the morning. I then think I’ll treat myself to a big coffee and a picnic down at the beach for lunch. I definitely think takeaways will be on the menu for dinner too so I can have a night off cooking and cleaning up


  1. Since you became a mother, has Mother’s Day changed for you?

I feel extra appreciation for my own Mum and all she did for myself and my siblings growing up. Don’t forget to tell your Mum you love her 


  1. Do you have any traditions for the day?

No traditions as such however Nikau and Maia have asked if we can make chocolate brownies so I think we could definitely do that and it could quickly become a Mother’s Day tradition. Maybe baking and giving it to some other special Mums we know.


  1. And a question for Nikau, Maia and Tai! What makes you a mother like no other?

Nikau - “My favourite thing about Mum is she loves me and is beautiful”

Maia - “She gives me chocolate and cuddles”