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Dankzij onbeperkte bewegingsruimte kan de voet met Soft Soles buigen, grijpen en sterker worden, zodat de juiste fysieke basis wordt gelegd voor een volwassen voet


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<p>It will take a while for babies’ feet to really take shape. At the moment, their feet are pudgy, round and completely bone-free - Yep, those little feet have no bones, just cartilage. </p> <p>Every time babies wiggle their toes, flex their feet and kick their legs, their feet get stronger and stronger, and eventually, they’ll take the shape of a mature foot. But if you put a pair of heavy, rigid shoes on the end of their legs, these activities that are so crucial to their development become a lot more difficult.</p> <p>The best thing for babies’ feet is to keep them bare, but an element of protection is often needed in this modern landscape of ours. Crafted from 100% premium leather and suede, Soft Soles are the flexible, lightweight second-skin that protect growing feet while providing the flexibility they need to develop. </p> <p>With a focus on craftsmanship and style-leadership, our range of Soft Soles has been designed to complement both boys’ and girls’ outfits while holding lasting sentimental value.</p>