His toddling days are far behind him - now your little boy seems to be moving a hundred miles an hour from sunrise to sunset. Kid+ is a style-driven range with foot-health principles at its core. No matter how far your little one pushes his shoes, Kid+ can keep up, all the while ensuring his feet are free to move and develop naturally.


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While they’re beginning to look like smaller versions of adult feet, your little boy’s feet are still going through some crucial development - even when he reaches school-age. So cramming him into shoes that aren’t made for his uniquely shaped feet, or that will fall to pieces once they graze concrete simply won’t cut it. Kid+ shoes are made from lightweight, ultra-durable textiles, breathable, flexible leather and boast high-flex soles. Built around a custom last that reflects the shape of his growing feet, Bobux Kid+ shoes are the best you can get for your son.