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Bedtime Routine for Kids



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Bedtime Routine for Kids


Having a set bedtime every night is essential. Even if your kids aren't in school, establishing a regular bedtime routine ensures they will get enough sleep each night. It will also make it easier for your little ones to relax and get comfortable and the more comfortable they are, the easier they will be able to fall asleep and remain asleep. Which also translates to more sleep for you as a parent! It's a win, win!


Turn Off Electronics an Hour Before Bedtime

Turning off the television, tablet, cellphones and games is the best way to let your child's mind unwind naturally. Instead of watching television, talk to them while tucking them in or getting them all set in their pajamas. Discuss what plans you have for the next day and take some time to discuss how they like eLearning and being taught at home. Take their feedback to heart and try to steer your learning processes moving forward. Avoiding the light from electronics also helps to stimulate the production of melatonin.

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Offer a Small Snack

Kids are hungry AGAIN after dinner? A small snack with protein will help them drift off to sleep. Some good options include cheese or peanut butter and crackers. They aren't loaded with calories or sugar. Try establishing a routine that includes eating snacks as a family in the kitchen before bedtime. It will give you a few more minutes of quality time. Don't forget to plan on brushing their teeth and flossing after their snack! 


Read a Story

Depending on your little one's age, you can read your children a bedtime story or have them read to you. When they aloud to you, it will give you a chance to learn where their strengths and weaknesses are as well as give you an opportunity to talk to them about what they are reading. Choose stories that share a lesson or teach a concept. This is a great way to help your child retain information. As you read, ask questions and find out your child's point of view.


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Have Water on Their Nightstand

Place a small glass or bottle of water on your child's nightstand so that if they wake up for a drink, they can take a few sips without needing to get out of bed or wake you for it. Too many fluids can lead to frequent bathroom visits so make sure to leave a night light on so that your child can make it to the bathroom on their own. It's also essential that your children know that they can come to you if they need help or are afraid to go to the bathroom on their own.


Make Comfort a Priority

Setting the tone is key if you want your child to fall asleep without fussing. Keep the temperature comfortable and reduce the number of distractions they are exposed to. If they like to have a little background noise, you can play soft music in the background or turn on a fan. If you want your child to sleep peacefully, they have to be as comfortable as possible. If your child does not like to sleep in complete darkness, turn on a soft light or small night light. This gives them a sense of security and will allow them to fall asleep more easily.


Establishing a solid bedtime routine is the best way to get your children on track with their sleeping patterns. Even though school may not be in session as they know it, they still need at least eight hours of sleep at night to be at their best. Make bedtime as relaxing and peaceful as possible. Quiet voices and hushed tones will set the mood for a peaceful night's sleep. What is your family's bedtime routine?