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Epic at-home activities for kids

Epic At-Home Activities for Kids

Kids bouncing off the walls just a little? From shadow drawing and cardboard box build-a-thons, to learning an instrument, there are so many fun, active and creative activities out there that will keep little ones entertained for hours. Have a look on pinterest, youtube, and blog posts - with so many resources available, one of your activities may just end up being looking through the endless ideas of things to do! Overwhelmed by all the options? No worries, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites:


Bobux Playbook

Download the Bobux Playbook here!

Packed full of challenges that encourage kids to explore, create and maybe get a little messy, the Bobux Playbook is a super easy way to bring a bit of fun to your kids’ day. Have little ones choose an activity or two, or have them compete to see who can complete them all the fastest! You can download and print the full PDF here, or have a digi-browse through and then see which activities you can DIY! 


Bobux Playbook find textures bobux playbook find something smooth bobux playbook find something fluffy

Scavenger hunt

A classic for a reason. Scavenger hunts are always a simple way to keep kids busy and entertained for as long as you’d like to plan for. Create a list of unique items around the house and outdoors, and send the kids on a hunt to find and collect them. Entice them with a prize or special treat - maybe the winner gets to choose what’s for afternoon tea, or the movie to watch later on.

kids scavenger hunt

Create a Lockdown Diary

Anyone for some isolation appreciation? Creating a diary is a great way for kids to process and express their thoughts and feelings, and to recognise all the special parts of life around them. Encourage kids to write or draw about the fun and interesting moments that happen each day, things they’re grateful for, what they’re learning, what they ate for dinner - anything! Check out this awesome lockdown diary created by NZ artist Stephen McCarthy so children can have a positive reminder of their time in isolation. You can use this to get some ideas flowing, or simply download it, print, and get help your little ones get started.  



Build a fort

A forever favourite, and a great way for little ones to work together and use their imaginations. Get out some old sheets and duvets, push the couches together, tables, cushions, random pieces of furniture - whatever you’re working with at home for the kids to assemble a fort of fun! Throw the sheets over your furniture, or set up some string to hang them off, squish a comfy duvet underneath and set up loads of cushions around the edge to make it as comfy as can be! Once set up, fill with their favourite toys, teddies, board games or have them settle in with a movie.


brother and sister in fort

Create an Obstacle Course

Another one that will never get old. Set up a station of obstacles in your living room, playroom or outdoors with pillows, couch cushions, and any other items you can find. Craft a course that will get kids jumping, climbing, rolling, hopping, and bear crawling, or let the kids take turns setting up different courses. The more obstacles, the better!

Get Crafty

From paper mache, pouring stations and popsicle stick catapults, there are loads of ways to get crafty with items you can find at your house or the supermarket. Here are a few videos for activities to try at home, or head to Pinterest for some extra inspiration.


paper mache dog girl doing paper mache

Camp In / Out

Grab the tent, sleeping bags and get your camp on! Camping is a super fun way to have a little holiday and family time away from all the noise. Set up indoors or outdoors, and try to bring as many elements of a classic camping excursion you can to your own home. That means flashlights, story telling, hot choccies and marshmallows. Bonus points if you can get a fire (or virtual fire) lit up.

Get Active!

An essential for both kids and parents while staying at home. Take turns hosting 30 minute active sessions each day - whether this is zumba, yoga, balloon tennis, or jumping around to some music! 

How to explain CoVid to your kids

Looking for some guidance on explaining Coronavirus to your little-ies? Take a look at this friendly video from Dr Michelle Dickinson for a little calming clarity to help your kids feel more at ease.

You can also check out #COVIBOOK by Manuela Molina - a short PDF available in a number of languages, designed to help ease children’s anxiety all over the world. 


covibook Covibook covibook